Thursday, February 21, 2013

Friday Links: February 22

Lame week for links. Well there are children in Africa who don't have links at all! You'll click what you have and like it!

Netflix uses the Konami code to reset their software on most devices. [link]

Doctors tend to die differently. CPR is only successful 8% of the time. [link]

The Exxon Valdez was recently grounded for dismantling. [link]
Exxon still hasn't paid what the courts required of them for restitution of damages done to the livelyhood of the locals. 

Antidepressants make shrimp suicidal. [link]

What English sounds like to people who don't speak it. This song was written by Italians to sound like English being spoken by Americans. The lyrics are nonsense. [link]

A car got stuck at 125mph for an hour. [link]

Cats have always walked over our work. [link]

"Tattooing" apples. [link]

People coming home from a miserable trip on a broken down cruise ship suffered broken down busses and planes. [link]

FDA OKs artificial eyes. [link]

A 35 minute documentary about a drug that makes you act normal while making you completely suggestible. You'll do anything you're told.

More crows playing in the snow.

Patrick Stewart lost his hair when he was 19.

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