Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Links: February 15

An abandoned Star Wars set from The Phantom Menace is now the home to a handful of squatters.

Defamation of pit bulls. [link]

Coffee foam art. [link]

A planing competition.

Burrowing owls.

Sir Patrick Stewart talking about domestic abuse in his own home growing up.

Spiderman appearance in old X-Men movie.

Employers should try to accomodate employees' scheduling needs. It shouldn't, however, be a demanded right. [link]

Mosquitoes survive rain by riding the droplets. [link]

An illustrated story of a Hiroshima survivor. [link]

Animations of blast force from the Tunguska impact. [link]
Try not to think about what's buzzing the Earth this afternoon.

Gold veins comes from bacteria deposits, not (just) geological activity. [link]
Can I borrow some? I have a few hundred CDs that I'd like to get the gold out of. 

Laws needed as robots improve. [link]

Zombie attack in Montana.

Mario Brothers/Ghostbusters crossover.

McDonalds is applying for it's own internet domain suffix. [link]

Litter plugs: Garbage where it shouldn't be, but may not actually be littering. [link]

19 maps to put the United States in perspective. [link]

If only I lived in the same town where I worked... [link]
...then I'd still be driving my Segway.

A kid to developed a new way of detecting certain cancers. [link]

A movie by CleverBot.

The Lorax being projected into falling snow.

Aerogel: A super lightweight insulation developed by NASA to catch particles blowing off of comets. I saw it being used for window insulation in a Solar Decathlon house.

The adventures of Florida Man. [link]

The man who shot Bin Laden struggles to make ends meet. [link]

Why Popes resign. [link]

Drag lines around on a globe and watch them change on a map. [line]
The math required really messed with my head back in Fortran.

What Netflix learns from it's viewers. [link]

50 states with equal populations. [link]
Wichita has enough issues. Don't lump them in with Oklahoma!

Hospitals can't tell you what a new hip costs. [link]

What to do if you find a duffel bag of drugs in your back yard. [link]

The complete HP Lovecraft for your eReader. [link]
Have I posted this before or was that another author?

Satellite photos of an American drone base in Saudi Arabia. [link]

Game: Killbot - you're a killer robot that's escaping from it's factory and collecting stars for some reason. [link]