Friday, January 18, 2013

Saturday Links: January 19

A parrot with it's own car.

The happiest animal in the world. [link]
Sort of the opposite of Tard (a.k.a. Grumpy Cat)

Why the high frame rate version of "The Hobbit" looks weird. [link]

A man takes his elderly, arthritic dog out into the lake for several hours a day so it can sleep. [link]

The most expensive copy of Star Wars. [link]

A good way to get yourself killed.

The White House responds to a petition to build a Death Star. [link]
Be sure to look at the URL.

Remember the tales of a possibly Star Wars live action TV series? There are 50 hours worth of scripts written. They were considered too expensive to film. Disney isn't opposed to the idea of the series. So it's not dead yet. [link]

Dubstep birdie.

Oh! So this is the Australian dust storm I keep hearing about! [link]

Video demonstration of a hover drone aboard the ISS. I'd been wondering what happened since I first saw them 10 years ago or so. [link]
Now we can interrogate the princess about the location of the rebel base.

Those who are spiritual, but not religious have more mental issues. [link]
What? I didn't say anything!

Cable TV to shrink for the first time in it's history. [link]
And don't you wish you could see my 'in your face' dance?

Morgan Freeman narrates Morgan Freeman really true facts. [link]

What Dr. Seuss meant. [link]

What the Huygens Probe saw on the way down to Titan (a moon of Saturn).

Man receives threats for helping 6 kids not killed at Shady Hook. [link]

Obama's plan to reduce gun violence. [link] [better list?]
Remember: Almost all this must be done by acts of Congress. I know a lot of people are freaking out and claiming Obama did it already. No, there will be a war in Congress to get the real stuff done. And even disaster relief is hard to pass. The executive orders are mostly about research and enforcement of existing laws. 

More about the research Executive Order. [link]

General suggestion list.

The special calendar event for 2013. [link]

Old flu treatments. [link]
Ah, the hypo-spray. One area where Star Trek was wrong.

Who is the NRA? These guys. [link]

A dollhouse... with a fallout shelter. [link]

Are you crying!? There's no crying in space! [link]

Great laser cut paper windows. link

OK. I'm done. The rest of these require real reading.

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