Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Links: December 11

I'm trying to find space for one of these. [link]

Old cast iron pans can be interesting. [link]

Healthcare costs of obese people is now greater than that of smokers. [link]

Cats domesticated themselves. [link]

There's a limit to how many of certain British coins shop owners are required to take. [link]
That is, if you try to pay your electric bill all in pennies they don't have to take it. 

Almost half of federal prisoners held for drug crimes. [link]

Apple products that never were. [link]

Wood maps. [link]

Les Miserables apparently holds the Guinness world record for longest musical about a minor parole violation. [link]
I still plan to see it. I just liked the review. 

Instructions for drawing for King of the Hill. [link]

Dr. Oz is a quack. [link]

Calories aren't measured the way we were told in school. [link]

10 strange things in the 'fiscal cliff' bill. [link]

12 speeches that were never heard. [link]

this and then this

The best pickpocket in the world. [link]

Doc Brown was a Time Lord!

Honest movie posters from last year. [link]

Australia so hot that new colors were needed for the weather map. [link]

The next Kindle?

Curiosity proves it's a bit OCD as it tries to sweep a planet. [link]

Pics from the Centralia, PA. The town above a coal mine fire. [link]

More on the upcoming Justice League movie. [link]

Ever noticed the messed up priorities of the newspaper in Back to the Future 2? [link]

The corporation as carpool passenger case now moves to the next level of courts. [link]

Peter Hollens sings "Far Over the Misty Mountains".

Giant sperm spy craft. [link]

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