Friday, January 04, 2013

Friday Links: December 4

6 companies that rigged the game. [link]

To Low Earth Orbit AND BEYOND! [link]

Gunshot triangulating systems placed in some of the worst neighborhoods. [link]

NukaCola may not be bad for you. [link]

Swatch scarf. [link]

Christmas cards from brutally honest companies. [link]

Christmas light OKed to give neighbors the finger. [link]

How to play chess.

A tornado passing an Alabama Walgreens.

Both sides of the 2nd amendment argument in two paintings. [link]

Frost flower pictures. [link]

Some art that amuses me. [link]

It sucks to be a drone pilot. [link]
A tad worse, I'd say, to be a drone target.

Top 10 YouTube videos of last year. [link]
Where does Lindsey Stirling get these great settings for her videos?

Underwater Enterprise.

Tricorder 1.0? [link]

Sensors for Tricorder 2.0. [link]

TL;DR version of Wikipedia's longest entry - Timeline of the Far Future. [link]

Tiny spider makes decoy large spiders. [link]
So far they're found at face level and near trails. Is that because that's close to where their eyes would happen to be or have the spiders figured out how to keep people from walking through their webs?

Got my shopping for next Christmas done. [link]

Footage from an RC helicopter w/ camera flying around a Pakistan mountain. [link]
Clearly the Canadian government has drones now, too.

It's smaller on the outside! [link]

A new type of matter and magnetism which I really don't understand at all. [link]

Bing uses Google results. [link]

I always enjoy reading about the largest manmade vortex ever. [link]

The same gun fired the first shot by an allied army in both world wars. [link]

10 uses for a Raspberry Pi. [link]

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