Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Game Review: Ratchet and Clank

This is a game about an insane asylum in Nazi Germany and the love affair between the cruel head nurse, Nurse Ratchet, and the imbecilic head of the asylum, Colonel Clank.

Ok, it's not but that could be fun, too.

Instead an evil corporation is building the ideal planet by stealing parts from other planets. Of course, the population of those planets has to die for this to work.
You're a talking fox thing and his robot sidekick/ignition system. Together you set off to win the big hoverboard race and become famous. And if you save the universe in the meantime so be it.

The game goes on much longer than it needs to. That's not a complaint. One judge of the quality of a game is the cost/hours ratio. Ideally a game should take $1 per hour to complete. This meets that qualification nicely.

As the game progresses you get a bunch of cool weapons and gadgets. Continual upgrades is also a good thing. One of the early weapons is the "Glove of DOOOOOOM!" which releases a pack of evilly cackling droids that chase down people who aren't you and blow them up. I think more games need that. Yes, they need robots that do your bidding instead of putting your character at risk, but what I really want is more excuses to say "DOOOOOOM!"

You're given a certain amount of freedom to move around. More than games like "Doom 3" which are in 3-D but still have you stuck on a pretty set path, but not as much as "Grand Theft Auto" which gives you a whole city. About like most games these days. Sometimes going back to places you've already been is a good thing.

It's a run around and shoot things game. Pretty good for that genre. I'm more into puzzle games though. I may get the sequel when I see it for under $20.

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