Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Free advertising

I was looking for a hardcover copy of Calculating God" by Robert J Sawyer and found It's a bookstore that gives a cut of your order to either an environmental charity or a literacy charity. They also offer CarbonFree Shipping which charges a bit more to pay for carbon offsets for the truck that brings you your books.

Since is run by the devil I'm going to encourage you to look at first when ordering books online.

OK, that was a short and lame post so I'm putting in niggling things now.

Gas just broke $3.00 a gallon in DC. What is it where you are?

My potato has been planted and has a shoot that reaches from my finger tip to my wrist. The other potato put out little roots and behaved like it would do something, but after sitting in the water for a couple of weeks and not putting out any real shoots I put it back on the shelf to either do it's thing or rot.

The mint I got from my brother's yard is sprouting.

It feels like wheat harvest here. There's so much pollen in the air that my body is shutting down. I saw people on the verge of passing out on the subway yesterday. All the damsels in distress kept trying to trigger my shining knight mode. Cars are turning yellow with all the pollen settling. And worst of all, I'M BREATHING TREE SPERM!!!

By the end of this summer the succulent I planted two summers ago should cover 75% of my yard.