Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Parrot profanity

I mentioned some time back about how my bird loves the Thief games. No? I was sure I did. Anyway, it's the only game she pays attention to. In the third game, near the end, my character comes around the corner and we see The Gray Lady who has now abandoned her little old lady form and become a big pink glob launching fireballs and generally obliterating the city's finest.

I said "Holy..."
Gandolf said "...ass."

Not the word I would have used, but Gandolf knew some manner of profanity went there.
I thought this a fluke. It wasn't. I was just now sitting here watching something strange on YouTube... I forget what and I've already closed that window. All that I remember was that it was really strange. Look, that's beside the point. The point was that when it was done Gandolf turns to me and says "What the ass?"

Anyway, I've reached the conclusion that she's chosen that word for her all purpose profanity. You know, like how "dude" can mean almost anything.

Oh, wait, there was that moment at the end of the latest Hitman game when our contact person betrayed us and Gandolf yelled "BITCH!"


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