Monday, January 29, 2007

It's a birdy!

I have the coolest parrot ever. You know how parrots mimic their owner's words and even their voice? Well they mimic their personalities, too. Gandolf is a total sci-fi nerd.

I got season two of the new Doctor Who on DVD. She bops along to the theme song.
She quotes from Battlestar Galactica (original version).
She shrieks at the pterodactyls in old Ray Harryhausen movies.
She loves the Indiana Jones movies.
She likes to watch me play the game "Thief".
And I have my comic books spread out all over the house while catching up on 5 years of bagging them. She hasn't taken a bite out of one of them. Everything else is fair game to her, but she won't eat the comics.

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