Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Movie Review: Happily N'Ever After

Another studio has jumped into the ever expanding world of digitally animated cartoons. I'm not sure who they are. They seemed German. Being unknown they have to put out something better than the established studios.

"Happily N'Ever After" is another animation in the fairy tale genre. I think it's better than Shrek because Shrek had too much humor based on topical events instead of the movie itself. It reminded me more of "Hoodwinked".

In a tower high above the palace there's a wizard and his two apprentices (sp?) who watch over all the fairy tales and maintain the balance of good and evil with scales. When the wizard goes golfing on the eve of the latest iteration of Cinderella's ball everything falls apart. Cinderella's wicked stepmother takes control of the tower and assorted items of power and takes control of the kingdom.
It's up to the apprentices, Cinderella, the kitchen boy, a pack of survivalist dwarves, a bumbling prince, to retake the tower from the Wicked Stepmother, Rumplestiltskin, wolves from various stories, a trio of witches, a giant, and some other baddies.

One of the better digital cartoons but I haven't decided if I want it on DVD yet.

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