Friday, January 05, 2007

Movie Review: Night at the Museum

I'll go ahead and give you the bad news now. "Night at the Museum" is not the sequel to "A Night at the Opera". I didn't even see a Marx Brother reference.

Still, "Night at the Museum" would go nicely on your shelf right next to "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". Both are silly movies that would give name recognition to historical figures so that teachers, or more likely The History Channel, can build on.

In short, there's an ancient Egyptian tablet in the museum that animates the dead after dark. Ben Stiller is the new night watchman, replacing three old men whose jobs are being cut. He has to deal with walking t-rex bones, a war between the old west and ancient roam dioramas, cavemen, mongols, wild animals from the african veldt, and a host of other characters. Most of the stuff you've seen in the trailers takes place in the first half hour. Instead of going downhill after that, like most movies do, they've simply gotten the introductions done and are getting the story started.

Good movie, glad I saw it, I probably won't get it on DVD.

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