Friday, October 03, 2014

Friday Links: October 3

Thermal imaging for the iPad. [link]

The Chubbchubbs short cartoon.

City population replaced with dolls. [link]

But Mexico went one creepier. [link]

Surge is coming back through on a trial basis. [link]

All footage of the 10th Doctor running edited together. [link]

Dolphins doing drugs. [link]

The ABCs of Hand Tools.

How a bean becomes a fart. [link]

TED video on mental illness in animals and it's treatment. [link]

Corporate death penalty. [link]

Two days to move 11,500 miles of track 3 inches. [link]

Testing the limits of a building hardening agent.

Stronger nano-tubes give us another step towards space elevators. [link]

The CIA Starbucks. [link]

ISIS and American Christians have a common interest - ban evolution in schools. [link]

Bill Murray on Letterman in the very early days. [link]

3 girls win Google's Global Science Competition with a way to speed germination of some cereal grains and increase their growth rate. [link]

Kansas proves that the Conservative utopia is an economic and cultural disaster. [link]
Kansas repeatedly votes a couple of Republican Governors and then a Democrat when the Republicans become too insane to vote any other way.

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