Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Links: October 17

6 minute film about a neon bender. [link]
No, it's not some anime thing.

Fire chasing beetles. [link]

The potato people are taking our jobs! [link]

The most certain way of curing hiccups. Gloves recommended. [link]
See also [link]

The cost of raising Calvin. [link]

The design history of the Michelin Man. [link]

A 5 year old gets reassured about his worries about the Voyager probe getting hurt or lost. [link]

Who wins the scene? A breakdown of the shots of a scene in Silence of the Lambs.

Don Hertzfeldt's opening to The Simpsons. [link]
Don't get the gag? [link]

How an obsessed explorer found and lost the world's oldest subway. [link]

What? Really? Birth control decreases teen pregnancy?! WOW! <----Sarcasm [link]

Spiders use electrostatic repulsion to fly. [link]

What if California's draught lasts another 70 years? [link]

Guy makes film of a tiny planet. [link]

Most useless objects ever. [link]

Filming guitar strings with an iPhone. [link]

Nobel prize awarded for a microscope resolution enhancement. [link]

Getting through airport security may be tough. [link]

Getting to know the girl shot by the Taliban as she recovers and sees the world. [link]

Alzheimer's Disease developed in a petri dish. [link]

How Minecraft encourages reading. [link]

The problems experienced by the first person to go on a space walk. [link]

Animal family photos. [link]

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