Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Links: October 10

Obscure and complicated easter egg for Fallout: New Vegas.

Robot Octopus. [link]

Using the Leidenfrost Effect and specially cut grooves to make water run uphill. And then build an awesome water maze. [link]

Baltimore woman locks a cop in her basement and gets away with it. [link]

Planets in binary star systems are rare. But here's one they're already calling Tattooine. [link]

A genetic mutation that heightens HIV resistance. It has Norse origins and may have been selected for due to smallpox. [link]

Comcast calls employer of complaining customer and gets him fired. [link]

You can fry japanese maple leafs for snacks. [link]

Detroit even loses money on parking tickets. [link]

The most Australian pig ever, drinks 18 beers and started a fight with a cow. [link]

Most people with addictions grow out of them with time. [link]

The benefits of being polite protesters. [link]

How a custom puzzle maker works.

Microsoft has some interesting smart covers for their tablets. [link]

Underwhelming Lovecraft. [link]

Dancing traffic light.

Combination locks can work backwards, too.

Japanese Maple Leaves can be fried and eaten. [link]

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