Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Faceless man mask project

To build a better Faceless Man mask I needed to work on a head that wasn't attached to me. So, I remade my own head. I have no pictures of me casting my own head. To do that I put on a bald cap, covered it and my face and neck with Vaseline, plastered the back, more Vaseline along the edge of that, plastered the front, pulled it off in two pieces.

The cast being held together with duct tape.

The cast filled with paraffin wax. 

Sitting up... with help. 

The wax head with the plaster ripped off. 

See previous caption.

Bald cap reapplied to the wax head.

Nylon stocking over the head. It didn't come down as well as it did over my own head. 

Cotton around the nose to lose some of the features. And coated in two layers of latex. A third might have been better.

Makeup applied to the head. Hopefully the coloring evens out with time. I'll touch it up more later.

The question now is whether I can peel it off this and on to my head as is, or if I have to slit open the back, put it on, and wear a wig.

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