Friday, March 07, 2014

Friday Links: March 7

How do vaccines cause autism? []

How the blocks of text on movie posters is built. [link]

When may I shoot one of my students? [link]

Bearing sons can alter your mind. [link]

Turning chickens back into dinosaurs - how's it coming? [link]

Turns out beer and wine wasn't popular because the water was bad. [link]

Chocolate chip cookie shot glass. [link]

Researchers in China have come up with a copper version of graphine. But they gave it the unfortunate name of CuNTs. [link]

Find all the streets in North America with your name. [link]

Russian child has been to a lot of concerts.

Warrior farmers with defensive towers built right into their homes. [link]

Rules of golf during an air raid. [link]

Koala have human looking fingerprints. [link]

5% of people don't react to music. [link]

Pelican learning to fly.

A village for dementia patients. [link]

World's longest aircraft. [link]

A dog experiencing a head massager.

3d printed pace maker. [link]

Snake eats crocodile. [link]

Batman vs Terminator.

Where Americans got their accents. [link]

Kids react to a rotary phone. [link]

Michael Dorn talks about Worf. [link]

Woman lifted with the help of two model helicopters.

Fountain chains.

Why would I want a washing machine with internet access? [link]

A button that can give you orgasms. [link]

I've posted part of this before. It's cartoons about the recent history of The Congo. [link]

New maple syrup extraction method. [link]

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