Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Links: March 21

Moss powered radio. [link]
I'm unclear on how the power is generated. It looks like it's not much different than a lemon battery. 

Alien banana. [link]

T-Rex arms were tiny, but powerful. [link]

When did pink become for girls and blue for boys? [link]

The late Fred Phelps hated Mr Rogers. [link]

DARPA's new robot squad. [link]

Read the analysis below the picture. [link]

Gandolf's sword is part of the Iron Throne. [link]

The earliest musical instruments to be played one last time. [link]

Video of an earthquake during the news.

Gravitational waves detected. [link]

Surprising a guy whose theories are proven with this news. [link]

How would a dinosaur move... as determined by a chicken with a plunger on his ass.

800 year old monk found sticking out of a cliff. [link]

Hiding from sound waves. [link]

How to hold your breath for 20 minutes. [link]

Salmon need a new commuter vehicle. [link]

Internet companies say "we're not going to do what you gave us that money for. Do you mind if we keep the money, though?" [link]

Intel is taking the name McAfee off their anti-virus software. [link]
Be sure to watch the video about how to remove McAfee from your computer. 

Who is more famous than Jesus? [link]

Translating Lorem Ipsum. [link]

Unintroducing the VW Bus. [link]

How much real estate can $1,000,000 get you? [link]
Whoever did this was shopping in the wrong part of Baltimore.

How much of this will kill me? [link]

Darwin's kids drew on his manuscript. [link]

"No, I like it in here."

A tsunami safe pod. [link]

Sneezing into a trombone.

Obama called Kanye a jackass. [link]
Watch the video in the first comment.

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