Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Links: March 14

Between Two Ferns with Barack Obama. [link]

All the streets in North America with your name. [link]

A McDonald's employee got fired for buying food for some cold firefighters. [link]

Fake hoverboard rollout video.

Source of some of the problems at the Olympics.

Congress is demanding a Europa mission from NASA. [link]

Hunter saves deer whose antlers were locked with another deer that was eaten by coyotes. [link]

A crew member of the first Space Shuttle was on the Moon when he heard that the budget for the shuttle program had been approved. [link]

Why Umbridge is so hated. [link]

Franz Liszt was the first rock star. [link]

Washed and blow dried cow. [link]

Failed outdoor movie theater in Egypt. [link]

How to fall in love. [link]

50 cent microscope. [link]

Why does everyone hate Monsanto? [link]

A Turing test for poetry. [link]

The benefits of writing your own obit. [link]

Weird facts about states. [link]

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