Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Links: March 28

Bluegrass Gangnam Style.

... and with that we can call time-of-death on Gangnam Style.

Youngest soldier in WWII. [link]

Sleep helps flush toxins from the brain. [link]

Any life we might find on Mars or Europa may have come from the dinosaur killing asteroid impact on Earth. [link]

The Windows boot sound was created on a Mac. [link]

Earth is technically inside the Sun's atmosphere. [link]

An artificial heroin causes a decades worth of Parkinson's in just days. [link]

FDR's Economic Bill of Rights. [link]

Former Iran hostages talk about their time in captivity. [link]

Game: 2048 [link]
I'm totally hooked on this game. It's why Friday Links is so small this week. It seems like it should be so easy.

Kidney stone passed during gubernatorial debate. [link]

Google Flu just didn't work out. [link]

Haunted soda machine. [link]

There's some debate about whether superheroes can testify in court because of the whole vigilante with a secret identity thing they have going on. Here's how Superman deals.

Excited dogs were running around on the deck of the Titanic as it sank. [link]

There was a Doctor Who movie planned with either Michael Jackson or Bill Cosby as The Doctor. [link]

A butt load is 108 gallons. [link]

77 facts that sound like lies. [link]

Embroidering your own skin. [link]
We did this in high school, but not to this degree. 

India is now Polio free. [link]

An impressive Wheel of Fortune win. [link]

An interview with Nigerian scammers. [link]

A goshawk flying through a tiny hole.

What women like in a dancer. [link]

DON'T help your kids with their homework. [link]

Some of the reasons I am not having children ever. [link]

Putin and Cheney - hard to tell apart. [link]

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