Thursday, November 01, 2012

Lookit d' baybe squerrle!

This is Rocky. He was found at the bottom of the my stairs a bit before dawn a week or two back. Just before he was found there was a thud and a sound like some kind of siren that would normally precede a major city vanishing in a cloud. I had no idea squirrels could make sounds like that.

The mother was heard running around of the roof franticly looking for Rocky. I knew they sounded like that.

He was really very sweet and snuggly. Of course, he was concussed after falling from a nest and onto my kitchen floor. He became more active later, but never clawed or bit. He tried to climb me a few times. He was always eager to go back into his towel. That's all he really wanted.

The rescue place said Rocky was 5 weeks old, very fat, and will be fine. Yummy called to check. He's fine.

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