Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Links: November 16

The Lewis and Clarke expedition's path has been traced because of the mercury based laxatives they used. [link]

In Oregon 220 misdemeanor marijuana cases are being dropped following decriminalization of small amounts. [link]

Freedom Tower whistles in the wind. [link]

Damage map for if a place of your choosing got nuked. [link]

Pregnancy test detects testicular cancer. [link]

Rather than rethink his position, guy takes the results of the election as cause to cut off all contact with someone he thinks may have liberal leanings. [link]
I seriously doubt he has liberal friends to begin with.

Why doesn't MTV play music video anymore? The awesome answer!

20 year old questioner, I'm pretty sure you NEVER saw a video on MTV!

“Math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better”. [link]

The skill gap in America isn't just about computer skills. These people can't do basic math, or read and write. And, strangely enough, manufacturing is still a wanted skill. [link]
$12/hour and benefits? It's work, but nobody is going to put out their own money to get training for a job that pays that little.

I see lots of "new" bikes every month that look just like all of the other bikes. But I like this one. [link]

An app that could turn any surface into an iffy iPad keyboard. [link]

How much exercise is enough? [link]

A really great prosthetic arm. [link]

Circuits that apply to tissues. [link]

Apple just got a patent for rounded corners on electronic devices. But it's not the stupides patent awarded. [link]
Hey, Obama. Looking for a way to kill the next four years? Fix this!

$200 iPad was just a mirror with an Apple logo. [link]
Lesson: Don't buy iPads at gas stations.

Forecasts for the next 10 years. [link]

As time goes on we see the predictions of the gloomier climate change models proving more accurate than the optimistic ones. [link]

Shark tracker. [link]

Safeway is trying to ban cameras from their bakeries so their cakes won't show up on Cake Wrecks. [link]
Another article talks about how Safeway is trying to copyright their cakes so they can't end up on Cake Wrecks.

Throwable camera ball. [link]

1 Liter of urine gives you 6 hours of electricity. [link]

East and West view intelligence differently. [link]
I don't mean politically. There we see intelligence very, VERY differently.

A lesson into making proper coffee. [link]

Cat photos as error messages. [link]

The full soundtrack to the new Hobbit movie. [link]

A guess what "Far Over A Misty Mountain Cold" from The Hobbit will sound like.

Cats trying to figure out a humidifier.

(S)he's right behing me, isn't (s)he?

R2-D2 ring. [link]

Who has their camera running at a time like this?

A rom-zom-com coming in February.

Romantic-zombie-comedy, duh.

This is going to be expensive.

A Doctor Who/My Little Pony crossover. [link]
Doctor Hooves?

Oh, look. AT&T didn't need T-Mobile's resources after all. [link]

The Firefly cast got to pitch script ideas. Too bad the show didn't last. [link]

Star Wars: Episode VII will be written by the guy who wrote Toy Story: Episode III. [link]

Grand Theft Auto: Tron City. [link]
The down side to getting my games for Playstation instead of PC is that I don't get to use the mods.

Weird Al's "Bob" is full of good movie titles. [link]

TL;DR - Most corrupt politicians. [link]

Hmmmm... Gerrymandered much? [link]
I'm posting this for the last graphic.

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