Friday, November 09, 2012

Friday Links: November 9

Game: Nuclear Plant - fend off the creatures long enough to work a lab and grow a plant in hopes of saving the Earth. [link]

George Lucas gets payback on obstructionist neighbors. [link]

100 "best" sci-fi movies of all time. [link]
I'll leave it to you to debate the order.

Given a tablet, teachers are unnecessary. [link]

Battle of the Bonds

HMS Bounty sunk by Sandy. [link]

The trippiest damn TV you've ever seen. [link]

The toughest bridge in the world.

Trees suck. Like a LOT!

Troll or idiot? Wait for the man-on-the-street interview. [link]

"Due to the substantial amounts of granite in their construction, many public buildings including Australia's Parliament House and New York Grand Central Station, would have some difficulty in getting a licence to operate if they were nuclear power stations." [link]

9 most anti-science candidates for office. [link]
#1 - Denny Rehberg - lost
#2 - Paul Broun - won, but there were 4,000 write in votes for Charles Darwin
#3 - Joe Manchin - won
#4 - Richard Mourdock - lost
#5 - Dean Heller - won
#6 - Tom Coburn - Can't find
#7 - Hank Johnson - won
#8 - Michele Bachman - won... barely
#9 - Todd Akin - lost

Why Pixar is worth more than LucasFilms. [link]

The average distance between stars is 4,150 light years. [link]
That's just not fair. You're putting the space between galaxies up against the space between stars within the galaxies.

Smugglers screw up. [link]

Get a text when the ISS passes over you. [link,]

Skeleton of messenger pigeon from WWII found with message still attached. [link]

The Obama Conspiracy Theories. [link]

Sweet radios. [link]

It's pretty common to survive plane crashes. [link]

Walmart continues to be a dick. [link]

People found the debates funnier than popular sitcoms. [link]

Amazon vs everyone. [link]

Brits have invaded 9 out of 10 countries. [link]

Facts about Presidents... that I didn't actually finish. [link]

Evolution of type. [link]

Analysis of the dragon skeleton in Skyrim. [link]

Sesame Street to do a hurricane episode where Big Bird's nest gets destroyed. [link]

David Tennant: cybernetic Jedi trainer.

Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are both up for another Star Wars movie. [link]

Porsche headlights great for growing pot. Thieves have noticed. [link]

Rules for writing detective novels. [link]

A pretty good video of costumes at London Comic Con.

What happens when wizards drink too many potions?

Device for testing the strength of gunpowder. [link]

How MST3K picked what movies to mock. (they watched a LOT of movies) [link]

The most indebted man in the world. [link]

MIT Gangnam Style.

Leaf blower based kitten rescue.

Windows 95 was written by Cthulhu. Just check the error messages. [link]

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