Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Links: November 23

Strange foot development in a Zimbabwe tribe. [link]

Downloaded, but not played: A Slower Speed of Light. Pick up the 100 objects. But as you play the speed of light will change and what you're able to see changes accurately. [link]

We have a broken stereo cabinet that I'm hoping to fix. Here's one option to repurpose it. [link]

How to make Kryptonite candy. [link]
You need to watch the video for proper instructions.

The song that became the James Bond Theme.

Calculate the destruction from a meteor impact. [link]

I still don't get what Graham's Number is supposed to be calculating, but this video is kind of interesting and the number they're describing is just crazy huge. [link]

I knew Hostess was having troubles. Apparently the Union didn't know. [link]

I haven't tried this. Let me know if you do. But this claims you can calculate pi by throwing phallic foods. [link]

Virginia Tech has a 3D printer available for general student use. [link]

An interesting idea for a ski slope. [link]

A bird that teaches it's chicks a passtone while they're in the egg. [link]

Sign a petition to allow Texas to withdraw from the United States. [link]
I think it's a fine plan. Of course, the United States gets to close all military bases and pull out all troops. Lets see how balanced the Texas economy is without the federal government funding Texas welfare and child health care. Texas is an anchor on the rest of the nation: politically, culturally, environmentally, intellectually, and economically. Cut it off. The only question I have is if we HAVE to send relief efforts as they descend into chaos. Really. 15 years from now will they be more like Somalia or Iran?

UPS joins Intel in cutting off support for the bigoted Boy Scouts. [link]

What happens to women who can't get abortions? [link]

Best. Pollsters. Evar. [link]

Gatorshark vs Zombie Cheerleaders. [link]

A gas giant has been found that's so big that it may actually be a small brown dwarf. [link]

A guy who planned to shoot up a Twilight showing, similar to the recent Batman shooting, was foiled when his mother turned him in. [link]

Dumb Ways to Die.

Doctor Who Christmas Special preview.

Great Battlemechs in History. (all 1 of them) [link]

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