Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rock city

I was largely out of touch while in Kansas. Comments left here go to my spam address which I didn't check while away. Sorry I missed those of you who wanted to get together. A lot that I wanted to do in Kansas didn't get done.

On the drive west we took a slightly alternate route. Normally we just hop on I-70, point the car west, and forget about it. This time we went a bit southerly, but not so much as to add too much time.

View Larger Mapspecific addresses have been removed to protect our parents

Yep. Those areas of the country with flooding? They're flooded. Even with the water level dropping there were vast areas of submerged field.

Since we'd already hit all the strange little sites along the way we made a last minute decision to detour and hit Rock City. For those following along at home, that'd be point B on your maps. It's this 5 acre park with strange rock formations.

These rocks were caused by calcium in water getting into the limestone and hardening it so it wouldn't wash away with the rest of the ground.

Rock City costs $3 or $0.25 for kids. It's a good place to stop while trying to get across Kansas.

And it was a good thing we went there. See how bright and sunny and HOT it is in these picture? It wasn't so 45-60 minutes to the south. We finished the audio book and turned on the radio. But it was a weather broadcast talking about capsized boats on Cheney Lake, an overturned fireworks tent in Wichita, and generally high winds. We drove into rain that made me pull over for a little while. Me and most of the rest of the traffic. But had we taken I-35 down from Kansas City we would have had it worse and for much longer.

But back on the farm? Nothing. They watched it move north and cursed furiously. But some rain did come a bit later. A whopping 0.15" for which they were overjoyed. It's the most they've had in 6 months. Not at once. Total.

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