Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Links: July 15

San Francisco considering a ban on pet sales. [link]

The Singing Saruman

Live action RoboCop theater. [link]

Saturn gets indigestion. [link]

How not to get hit by a train.

How to get better photographs.

How to talk to little girls to discourage them becoming vacuous fashionistas. [link]

The history of the Space Shuttle in pictures. [link]
I don't remember the introduction of the first Space Shuttle, even though I was 6. But I remember what a big deal Sally Ride was and that was only two years later. Kinda wish I knew how new it was back then.

I've already heard members of Congress calling Reagan a Communist. It's been one of the arguments that I've used to illustrate the extreme right shift of the Republican party. This article better explains how Democrats now are the hard right of back then. [link]

Are wrinkly fingers really better treads for primates? [link]

Mexico may have hotter drug wars, but also a better economy. Enough to cut the desire to head for the United States of Air Conditioning. [link]

Macaque self portraits. [link]

The Ban Powerpoint Party. [link]

Gay or straight, marriage is really a chick thing. [link]

Real Housewives of the Bible is supposed to show how women SHOULD act? Clearly you haven't read the Bible. [link]

Looking for the best book for beginners on a subject? This can help. But I stumped it the first couple of times. [link]

Map of useless stereotypes. [link]
What exactly are useful stereotypes?

Cry "Havoc" and let slip the pets of war! [link]

Toy Story/Shining mashup picture. [link]

About 8 years back I got to see a prototype for these flying around DC for a couple of weeks. When lit from the inside they look like floating light bulbs. [link]

REAL jobs for the autistic. [link]

Aw. Cuteness. [link]

You've seen gadgets like this before (or at least I have). This one takes it up another notch.

A comparison of AlQaeda tactics to IRA tactics. [link]
The issue I have is that AlQaeda and the IRA want different things. IRA wanted freedom. AlQaeda wants an oppressive theocratic government. AlQaeda needs to run more like the Tea Party than the IRA.

How a total computer newbie uses a browser. [link]

Stills from the deleted pie fight from Dr Strangelove. [link]

What that strawberry on the tomato shaped pincushion is for. [link]

Obama's reading of his book remixed into weirdness. [link]

In Japan you can use your phone to order groceries off this big grocery wall in the subway. [link]

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