Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Links: July 29

The lobby scene from "The Matrix" redubbed a capella.

Your cable box uses more power than your refrigerator. [link]

Nifty antique typewriter. [link]


Great J. K. Rowling quote. [link]

Wi-Fi transmitter of the gods. [link]

Song about making your own mainframe.

Car tossing sewer geyser.

Clips from the Wonder Woman pilot that got the axe. [link]

Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, ... Maru? [link]

Pluto now has a fourth moon. Third if you think of Charon and Pluto as two parts of a binary planet. [link]

Midieval superhero outfits. [Green Lantern] [Superman]

It's so hot outside... HOW HOT IS IT? [this hot]

Fully authorized Cowboys vs Aliens fan film.

The 11 Doctors. [link]

Cofounder of Mattel and inventor of Hot Wheels dies. [link]

Game: The Lance - jousting. [link]

Brent Spiner webcast Q&A. [link]

Polar bear swims 426 miles. [link]

The Zodiac Killer's code finally broken? [link]

Study indicates that maleness and femaleness may have other causes than previously thought and can conceivably change well into adulthood. [link]

Light at the end of the tunnel or creepy sewer demon? [link]

Color pictures of London in WWII. [link]

Functioning medical tricorder tattoos. [link]

Texas Board of Education, in a truly stunning move, unanimously rejected creationist bullshit from the science curriculum. [link]

Brain damage allows one guy to draw fractals. [link]

“It was a dark and stormy night.” is considered one of the worst opening lines for a book ever. Every year a contest bearing the name of the guy who wrote that line is held to find other really awful opening lines. Here are the 2011 winners. [link]

Color change roof tiles. [link]

A bull who really knows how to toss a cowboy. [link]

Harry Potter as an 80's teen comedy.

South Dakota town for sale. Only $800,000. [link]

Stay open. Stay open! STAY OPEN!!!

Stupid bar trick.

Infographic about blood splatter forensic analysis. [link]

How many words do you know? [link]

And I always love me some "I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC". In this one Captain America and Green Lantern compare movies.

note: Ryan Reynolds played the lead in Green Lantern and will likely play the lead in a Deadpool movie.

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