Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shapes and Colors: the third Cul De Sac collection

Recently the new Cul De Sac collection came out. The cartoonist behind Cul De Sac Richard Thompson was out as soon as it was released signing books. I was in the middle of it. 
Me and a fan.
(My Krodie photographer)
Richard has one of the fastest growing syndicated comics today. With newspapers shrinking and dropping and dead cartoonists continuing their strips well into the afterlife it's no small feat to get into one newspaper, let alone enough to make a living at it and even be recognized. He's also the mind (and hand and other fiddly bits) behind the weekly comic "Richard's Poor Almanac".

He signed books for me and for several gifts. And he personalized each one with a sketch. He takes his time, too. I felt a little bad that he was spending so much time and effort on each book. But it is appreciated.

Richard and I talked for a bit. He remembered signing Yummy's stuff before. Partially because My Krodie, mutual friend and Richard's driver for these events, brought him the books to sign and partially because we had him sign the page with the strip that got Yummy hooked on Cul De Sac in the first place. Not a request he gets a lot.

Also, ALSO!, he reads my blog. OK, sure, not all the time. Not every day. But My Krodie has forwarded enough of my stuff that Richard knew the name. He was mostly familiar with Friday Links.

You can read Cul De Sac at and possibly in your local paper. You can read this week's Richard's Poor Almanac here. You can read Richard Thompson's blog at And you can pick up "Shapes and Colors" along with his first two collections at your local bookstore.

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Scott said...

Hooray Cul De Sac, and hooray for Richard Thompson. That's some serious dedication to signing things for you :)