Friday, December 03, 2010

Friday Links: December 3

Woman claims the sun for her own. Expect to get a bill. [link]
The Bad Astronomer explains why her claim is crap. [link]

You wanna check out what this store has on their shelves. [link]

Some film clips that have been TRONized. You can skip straight down to 1 and 2. [link]

Table manners as taught by Indiana Jones.

About a month back the EPOXI spacecraft buzzed the comet Hartley 2 and got some nice pictures. These are some of the pics of snowballs being knocked off the comet. [link]
EPOXI? Really? Can I call the next probe DUKTAYP?

Another planet found. A planet FROM ANOTHER GALAXY! but currently in ours [link]

Scott Adams talking about shopping with women. [link]

A wind like this would almost get my box kite in the air. [link]

One man's story of his TSA experience. [link]

Great story about the weaponized computer virus that crippled Iran's nuclear program. [link]

Ghostbusters 3 rumors have been going around for a few years. They've picked up in the last year or so with Bill Murray saying they'd have to kill him off early and pretty much everyone else from the original movies saying they're in. Then word comes that shooting begins in May 2011 and the release is set for Christmas 2012. And Bill shows up wearing this.

Someone playing the worlds oldest sheet music. Or in this case, clay tablet music.

The most expensive bottle of wine in the world.

The creepy girl from "The Ring" is kind of a cutie now. [link]

Pedal powered drawing machine. [link]

A starter castle. [link]

I'm digging these doctored photos. [link]

Huge Hot Wheels  highway.

Watch any episode of any Star Trek online. [link]

A garden shaped like the Milky Way. [link]

How asshole companies play Google for better rankings. [link]

Guy slows time by driving with a high speed camera out the window. [link]

Airport security cartoons dating back to 1938. [link]

Black Friday madness videos. If nothing else you want to watch the video at the end. [link]

Cookie Monster's SNL audition video.

Balloon animal chandalier. [link]

How to make Google translator do beatbox. Click listen. [link 1] [link 2] [a whole threat]

"TSA pat down promotes the Gay Agenda" says dumbass. [link]

Great library desk. [link]

Father loses custody of his kids because he's agnostic.

Another pedophile priest. This time he tried to have his accuser killed. [link]

Story: November gets an attitude. [link]

NASA discovers bacteria that uses arsenic. [link] [link 2]

Photo: Giant sky lamprey eating a lake in Montana. [link]

Super high detail picture of the sun. [link]

Global warming causes duststorms in Alaska. [link]

How the Star Trek  movie should have ended.

Referee fired for posting this picture. [link]

And finally, this video was pulled from a Smithsonian art museum after Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, objected to it. The video is about the pain of AIDS victims in Mexico, and references the Catholicism of that country by showing a crucifix with ants crawling on it.
I don't think much of the video, but I'm doing my part to make sure more people see it now that Bill has thrown a fit than if it just sat in the National Portrait Gallery.

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