Thursday, December 09, 2010

Movie review: The Warriors Way

Yeah, last weekend was a heavy movie weekend for us, why do you ask?

Another good name for this movie would have been "Cowboys and Ninja and Carnies".

The most powerful samurai/ninja/whatever in the world has exterminated everyone in a rival clan except for a baby. Refusing to kill it, he takes the baby to America and settles in a cliche old west ghost town but with people living in it. Soon he finds he must now protect the town from an army of outlaws. But during the big battle with the outlaws the members of his own clan show up to kill him and the baby.

This really was a pretty good movie. It's not "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" or any of the movies that wanted to be that movie. This is very American. It lightly spoofs those kinds of movies while not turning it into a comedy. It gives the same treatment to the American old west bandit movie. Together they come together in a movie that climaxes kinda like that Star Trek: Voyager episode where the Klingons attacked the Nazis.

The technology is ahead of it's time. Pretty sure there weren't any gatling guns back then. Nor was there rifling in gun barrels. I don't think there were bullet shaped bullet either. But it's close.

It's a fun movie and I recommend going to see it. Will I get it on DVD? Not sure. It's a close decision.

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