Monday, December 06, 2010

Movie review: Tangled

We successfully watched "Tangled" this weekend. Pixar's name isn't associated with this movie. Well, their brain trust gets a mention in the end credits, but that's it. Nonetheless, this is a Pixar movie just by being made by the same people who made up Pixar who now head Disney animation. And with "Tangled" they're continuing what they started with "The Princess and the Frog" by making movies styled after what made Disney the animation leader. They're adapting fairy tales. And frankly, I've long wondered why they never went after Rapunzel before now.

Rapunzel is a princess with magical hair. If you sing the hair a certain song it'll heal wounds and reverse the signs of aging. But if you cut the hair it'll lose it's power. So a mean old woman kidnaps the princess and hides her in a tower. And every year on her birthday the people of the kingdom release hundreds of lanterns into the air hoping to bring her back home.

Then a dashing thief comes and get blackmailed in to helping the princess get to the lanterns so she can see them up close.

There are no talking appliances, but the animals are intelligent. The princess has a chameleon as her only friend. The thief is being pursued by a horse who continues the hunt while the guard have long since been lost. 

It bothers me a bit that the king and queen didn't need any proof that Rapunzel was their daughter. Why didn't anyone else show up with a kid and say "look, we found your daughter. It's a lantern day miracle!"

On the other hand, it does explain how the old woman got up in the tower with Rapunzel in the first place.

This is supposedly Disney's last Princess movie. They may mean it, but only time will tell if it sticks. It's almost certainly their last one for awhile.

"Tangled" also serves as Disney's 50th animated movie. Their first was "Snow White" back in 1938.

I liked this movie a lot more than I expected. Sure, it's a musical, but I got past that pretty quick. Only the first one or two annoyed me. The movie turned out to be pretty funny. The horse character is a riot. The old woman isn't a witch, but a resourceful and crafty woman who has access to a magical object.

I highly recommend this movie. I'll probably get it on DVD.


download movies for free said...

Tangled could have been a disaster. Directors Nathan Greno and Byron Howard really pushed for something different by attempting to modernize a classic tale for contemporary audiences while combining the classic storylines and imagery of Disney’s illustrious past. All of that experimentation can unbalance a film by leaning too heavily on one side or the other, but Tangled does a remarkable job at harmonizing the past and present. Gorgeous CG, an involving and up-tempo score, and some of the best sidekicks seen on screen propel this take on the character of Rapunzel. There is a sense of contemporary fun throughout the film, and yet the heart remains where it should; right in the middle.

Unknown said...

yidio movies - I LOVED TANGLED....I am a 24 years old, and was not sure if I was going to have any interest in another Disney movie. I have not been impressed with the past few...But I was very wrong!I watched it with my best friend and we laughed the whole time. Each character had personality and was unique. The story line was interesting and it held our attention throughout the movie. When it was over, I wished there was more to watch. Plus, the voices of the characters fit perfectly! And the soundtrack is excellent. This is a Disney movie that will forever be a favorite of mine. One day, when I have kids, this will be their version of my Cinderella. It is a movie that I am sure any age will love. I am so excited to fall in love with a Disney movie again and hopefully, their will be a Tangled 2!
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