Monday, November 08, 2010

Silo homes

I grew up on a farm in Kansas. As did both of my parents. Different farms. It's Kansas, not Arkansas.

On this farm is a disused grain silo. I've always wanted to do something with it.
We used to climb it and rappel of the sides.
During the coldest parts of the winter we'd play on the ice that formed over the perpetual pool in the bottom.
I've thought about putting a platform on top and using it as a platform for a telescope. Or lining the top with lightning rods and measuring the current that flows from it.

I've also thought about developing it as a dwelling. The silo on the paternal side seems a bit small for that. It could make for an alright kitchen or bedroom or TV room and it's tall enough that you could stack them. But once you put in stairs you've lost enough useful space that the value is lost. The silo on the maternal farm is a good deal wider and could still work.

I figured I'd be best off drawing inspiration from people who have done this kind of thing in the past. So I start searching the internet. I didn't exactly find what I was looking for. My silos are what you think of when you think silo. Concrete or brick. 30-40 ft tall. That's not what I found.

Have a look through these links. It's not what I was looking for, but it still has ideas for a good dome home or even a totally normal home.

Photo Gallerys:
grain bin 1
2 huge grain bins
more of a grain elevator
I like the second one here. The rest serve as warnings of how easy it is to make a shack with a TransCamero in the side yard.
Details of one conversion

I think the maternal farm's silo could be like this. But they cheated and added a house to the outside.

Two silos. I'm not that lucky.

Check the chandelier at 2:03.

I still think the paternal farm's silo would make a good library. I'm picturing shelves lining the sides all the way up, several levels of iron platforms that clang when you walk on them, big comfy chairs on the ground floor (which has been built up so water won't flood in), and a platform on top for telescopes.

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