Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Links: November 12

Working at home I get so much more work done and so much less surfing. It's a bit nuts how much of my normal stuff didn't checked for Friday Links. Still, got a good list this week.

People singing one song to the tune of another. Just trust me and listen to this. 

Great car commercial. 

A superhero funeral. [link]

Pinball machines were illegal for a long time. [link]

The honey is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE! [link]

Nice air pollution art/billboard. [link]

Lego dissected frog. [link]

Obscure dinosaurs. [link]

Anyone stupid enough to give the leader of this or any church their bank account tracking number deserves exactly what they get... or lose. [link]

10 odd weapons from WWII. [link]

Sorry, Ma'am, you have the wrong Neil. [link]

Never thought I'd have a reason to want a cubicle. [link]

New Lego Monty Python. [link]

Screw the third world. This machine can pretty well fill out the shop in your garage without filling up the garage. [link]

Skin can now be turned into blood. With work they hope to be able to get a tissue sample from a patient to make blood for a surgery scheduled in a week or three. [link]

Doorknob as eyepiece. [link]

I'll have to rename THAT file "c:\untitled folder\untitled folder\untitled folder\untitled folder\untitled folder\medical care". [link]

Twin girls who share a brain. [link]

The Beatles wanted to make a Lord of the Rings movie. [link]

Turkey cake. With mashed potato frosting. Oh, the horror. [link]

DC comics doubles as an oracle. [link]

Lovecraft creatures illustrated by a variety of artists. [link]

How to lose weight eating Twinkees, chips, and other junk food. [link]

How to talk like Michael Caine.

The 4 types of "friend". [link]

My kind of football.

A deer in a tavern is like a bull in a china shop.

That deer must have been drinking Bundaberg Rum.

You have to be careful how you arrange your merchandise sales page. [link]

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