Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday Links: November 5

Read the first word of each line of this guy's essay. [link]

Hitting insects with tiny pies.

Mad crochet skills. [link]

A haunted house to skip. [link]

This is a great gripping tool for robots. Inside the blue thing are coffee grounds. They move freely until the air is pumped out. Once vacuum sealed, the coffee grounds lock together and don't move.

A break down of evidence of of various alternative treatments for various illnesses. [link]

A space ship computer game that requires 6 players to play Captain, Tactical, Conn, Communications, Engineering, etc. [link]

Texas Supreme Court sites Star Trek II as legal precedent. [link]

Amusing short sci-fi story - "The Greatest Science-Fiction Story Ever Written" [link]

Poem in a sundial. Check the time lapse film. [link]

When the demise of Hummer was announced I gloated and did a jig. Now Pontiac is passing away. This article explains why. I wouldn't get one of my own, but I kinda liked them. I looked at several great looking sporty cars at very reasonable prices when deciding what car to buy. Honestly, if I could have bought the body of a sport car on the innards of a Prius I would have. But I also would have gleefully sold the flares on my Prius that they call "sporty" to shave off some of the expense. [link]

Kinda like this. Put this body on a Prius and I might buy it. I like this car for it's look, not what's under the hood. [link]

Pics from the upcoming Captain America movie. Looks like it'll be a WWII era movie to stay true to his origins. Allegedly, you could see his shield under the arctic snow in The Incredible Hulk. I haven't seen it. But in the comics he came back to life when his body was found frozen in some ice. His vibranium shield was shown in Iron Man II.[link]

Game: Oregon Trail - Zombie Apocalypse Edition. [link]

9 out of 10 DARPA projects fail or go nowhere. I really hope this one is the 10th. [link]

A Bruce Story: The MMORPG [link]

Lego Star Wars - the Jar Jar Saga apologizes for Trek related mistakes. [link]

Two lame songs mashed up into one good one. 

An article talking about how NPR handles the news as compared to Fox and other major news service. [link]

Watch NASA personnel build the new Mars rover live. [link]

Mr and Mrs Hutt's home decor. [link]

Great jack-o-lantern. [link]

Everybody knows these pictures even if they don't remember the stories. [link]

Some woman singing from the opera in "The Fifth Element".

You've seen video of the hexagon at Saturn's north pole. Here's an article talking about an experiment that helps explain it. [link]

Here's some close up pics of a comet. [link]

Oooh, somebody fucked up and then claimed he had every right to. The editor of Cooks Source magazine stole an article from someone's website and published with without payment, permission, or notification of the author. Now the editor is claiming that web content is public domain and free for the taking. [author's link] [author's friend's link] [the magazine's facebook site] Their main site has crashed from all the traffic from flamers.

More pedophile priests. This one is Jewish. [link]

Someone wrote a program to automatically respond to science denying Twitterers. [article] [amusing summary] [the app's Twitter page]

Here's NASA's climate change evidence page. [link]

Image: Tennis in Australia. [link]

A typewriter rigged up to play "Zork". A new way to interact with fiction from Jonathan M. Guberman on Vimeo.

10 strange things seen in space. [link]

I've heard of the Jersey Devil but didn't really know what it was. This fleshes him out. [link]

What the fuck has Obama done so far? dot com [link]

A manifesto about how the author refuses further debate with those who continue their anti-gay bias. [link]

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