Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Movie Review: War Inc.

John and Joan Cusack are back playing the roles that you're used to seeing them in.

John plays a reluctant assassin. But this isn't a sequel to that other movie where he played a reluctant assassin. He kills a few people at the beginning of the movie just to establish that's who he is.

He's been sent to take out the president of one of those Middle Eastern nations that we do so love to control. He's building a pipeline or something like that and we disapprove. John is posing as the organizer for some big American weapons and rebuilding expo. In the meantime he falls for some progressive reporter and has to deal with a wild and whorish pop star.

The movie is a political satire. If you liked "Idiocracy" then you'll probably like this. If you liked "Thank You for Smoking" you'll like this. If you think "Scary Movie" is cutting satire then you won't get this at all.

I'm glad I saw it. Haven't yet decided if I want the DVD.

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