Wednesday, July 02, 2008

God's Toolbox

It's been a long time since I've mentioned one of The Ten Bumperstickers used by The Church of Dougintology. I'm only really doing it today because my planned post had some technical issues.

The Sixth Bumpersticker says "Science: God's Toolbox".

Remember this old Far Side cartoon?

Like that cow, God has a toolbox. And like that cow, we can't figure out what those tools are or how to use them. We can figure that God used what's in the toolbox to create the universe. As scientists study the universe we slowly figure out how the tools work and hopefully come closer to understanding the God that uses them. Some tools we understand. Some we don't.

The toolbox includes such useful and necessary items like Gravity, Magnetism, Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces, Entropy, Momentum, the Laws of Thermodynamics, Fission, and Fusion just to name a few.

There are things in there we still don't have a clue about. Some would call those tools Miracles. It's just another word for "unknown". It covers a wide range of tools that are still under investigation.

We know that the world wasn't created 5,000-6,000 years ago. We know that it took billions of years and the use of the items in the toolbox to create the known universe.

There's still some question about whether there was someone operating the tools or whether they are natural forces that don't need manipulation. Which ever way you believe you should take an interest in the study of these forces instead of opposing these studies. They'll either bring you a greater understanding of your God or a greater understanding of your universe.

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