Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The hammock

I've mentioned before that I'm trying not to use the air conditioning. It's been easier this summer than in the past. It's been raining a lot so it hasn't gotten up in the 90°s until just this last week.

Now that the deck is finished I got a frame for my hammock and have been trying to sleep outside.

It worked OK for one night. I set out a citronella candle half an hour before I went out. It was warm and clear. The star was out. I'd run out an extension cord and had my radio alarm set quiet enough not to bother the neighbors the next morning. Of course, when the morning traffic started there was no need for an alarm.

The next night I realized that a hammock is for sleeping on your back. Kind of obvious in retrospect but it's just not something you think about. And, well, I've got these allergies that mean sleeping on my back is a problem some times.

On the third night there was no air moving. Not a breath. After a few hours I went back in. I was better off in a bed with the ceiling fan on high.

On the fourth night it was raining. And my ankles itch from all the mosquito bites from the last few nights.

I've got new mosquito killing doodads coming in a few days. And it's not as bad as if I were sleeping on the ground floor.

So it's working after a fashion. The worst part is the mosquitoes. But that's what I expected.

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Anonymous said...

You should seriosly look inton mosquito nets as an option.The army/navy surplus might have them for cheap.