Thursday, March 06, 2008

You are in a 6x2 chamber. It is dark.

I am not a huge gamer. I've been involved in a few games of D&D, as well as some of the games inspired by D&D, but I don't even have my own dice. Being that as it may I have to mention the passing of Gary Gygax Tuesday.

Gary Gygax was the principle creator of the role playing game "Dungeons and Dragons". In this role he became the father of modern gaming and grandfather of a wide swath of computer gaming. Without him there probably would never have been the "Final Fantasy" and "Phantasy Star" series of games or the "World of Warcraft" and "Everquest" games, and, of course, all the related games. In any programming class there were always a few people who had to write a program to generate characters for their favorite role playing game.

His games provided a means of social interaction for millions of social outcasts and provided a community for them. Thousands of people credit him for helping them become doctors, lawyers, police officers and more.

I may not feel his passing as acutely as I did the passing of Douglas Adams or Jim Henson but I know many people who do. I want to join with them in praising his contributions and mourning his passing.

from Penny Arcade
from Nodwick who pulled it from ... someone else.
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And don't forget the tribute by Wil Wheaton at

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