Monday, March 17, 2008


I got a haircut last weekend. It turned out a bit shorter than I liked. I threw on my coat and headed out the door. I saw myself reflected in the glass and smiled. One thing about the new Doctor Who incarnations is that it's a lot easier to make up a costume. One haircut and a shave and I'm almost there. Only they have a better lighting technician.

The thing is that I know how I tend to dress and how I tend to keep my hair. With the suits I've been looking at lately I'm much more likely to end up looking like this.

And once I get old enough so my Segway becomes too tricky to manage you know I'll get one of these.
What? An electric wheelchair with a Segway motor, a bit of cosmetic work, and it shouldn't be hard to incorporate a computer. As long as I have a wi-fi signal I'm at work anywhere in the world.

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