Friday, March 21, 2008


Stuff to say... sigh. Ok, I got it.

Tomorrow (arguably today) is the Equinox. That is the sun should be passing over the equator today. If you're plotting out the sun's path to make an analemma tomorrow is the day that the figure 8 should cross. It's also the ancient pagan holiday that was chosen to be converted to Easter as the Christians took over. But where we can say pretty confidently that Jesus wasn't born on Christmas we can't be as sure that Easter wasn't when Jesus was nailed to a plank.

Ok, that was short. As long as I'm on the subject of crucifying people let me clarify something about that. We've long been taught that Jesus was make to drag his cross up to where he'd get nailed to it. That's not quite how it worked. When crucifying people they'd tie the cross beam to the condemned and make them carry that to where the vertical beam was already waiting.

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