Friday, March 07, 2008

Dougintology Aquisitions Department

Everybody has one of their own, but rarely do you hear anybody mention the defense mechanisms of the young bookshelf. When relocated to a strange and unfamiliar location they begin to produce a noxious odor that can lead to headaches and worse in poorly ventilated rooms. Be sure to give your new shelves some time alone to adjust to it's new surroundings before loading it with books.

With the addition of the attic the room with the newly exposed brick wall and bamboo floors gets converted from storage room to library. I have moved many of the more portable bookshelves in there and filled them. More shelves are clearly necessary. So I ordered these.

They are viewed here in part of my office. I supposed I should clarify that mine are the spiffy Tetris looking things and not the boring shelves lining the walls.

I've closed the door to that room and opened the windows in there. I'm pretty sure I would have passed out by the end of the day otherwise.

It's not formaldehyde like we first thought. It's been treated so it doesn't off-gas formaldehyde. Instead they rubbed linseed oil on it and THAT's what's making the place smell.

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