Friday, August 03, 2007

Movie Review: The Ten

This is a sketch comedy show with a big budget and a full length movie time slot.
It features writers, directors, and actors from "The State", "The Upright Citizens Brigade", "Reno 911", "Strangers With Candy", "Mad TV", "TV Funhouse", and "Saturday Night Live".

The connecting theme behind all the sketches is The Ten Commandments. Ten short stories, each based on violating one of the commandments. Some of the stories link together. The guy who plays Jesus in one story has his picture hanging on the wall in another story. The woman who left her husband for a reporter in one story leaves the reporter for a ventriloquist's dummy in another.

As with any sketch comedy show there's hits and misses. If you liked the shows I mentioned above you'll like this movie. Personally, I think it would work best with a roomful of friends and while a bit high.

I liked it for free. Might be worth a second run showing or a Dillon's rental. I'm glad I didn't pay to see it. I won't get it on DVD.

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