Monday, August 20, 2007

Movie Review: Death at a Funeral

Not a well publicized movie, but I've seen a few trailers. It's terribly British.
Basically "Death at a Funeral" is a movie about a funeral where everything goes wrong. And it's directed by Frank Oz (Yoda, Grover, Bert, and a director of fantasies and comedies) It's a two hour version of "Frasier". Things go wrong, people try to hide it, and there's lots of miscommunication making things worse. I loved it.

There were several actors that I vaguely recognized. The only one that I could place was Alan Tudyk who I know best as Wash from "Firefly/Serenity". He spends most of the movie tripping as his fiance gives him some hallucinogens that she thinks are Valium. Much funnier than the guy who was eating mushrooms in "Severence".

The movie opens with the wrong coffin, thus wrong corpse, being delivered to the funeral.
Alan wants to marry into the family but her father hates him so he's freaking out. Thus the need for Valium.
One of the brothers is a famous writer in New York while the other stayed at home to take care of the parents. So there's tension there.
One guy is there just to hit on Alan's fiance.
A midget shows up with proof that the deceased was having a homosexual love affair with him and wants money. They tie him up and give him a handful of "Valium".
Meanwhile Alan is in the bathroom freaking out and then...

You know, this is one of those movies where the discovery is half the fun. I have to give enough away so you'll want to see it, but not so much that I'll ruin it.

I'm not going to get it on DVD right away. Like I said, the unveiling is half the fun. I may get it sometime down the road.

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