Monday, November 06, 2006


Ok, useful tips for keeping warm this time.

If you have a fireplace or woodburning stove you can take old newspapers and turn them into firewood. We used to have this doohicky where you ran a sheet or two of newspaper between a couple of metal dowels. You wrapped the paper around the dowels a few times and then hold the paper tight while turning the dowels. When one sheet of paper gets near the end you shove another sheet under it. The new sheet gets held in place by the old one and you keep going until you have something log sized. Pull out the dowels and you have firewood. If you sprinkle in some iron and copper filings as you make the log then as it burns you can get colors in the fire.

Cotton is a good fabric for drawing heat away from the body. Good for summer wear. To keep your body heat close to your body you want to start with a base layer of fleece next to your body and then layer other clothes on top of that as needed. I refuse to shop at Old Navy because I hate their commercials. So I have some nice hemp shirts instead.

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