Monday, November 27, 2006

Movie Review: Casino Royale

It's been awhile since I've seen the early James Bond movies so I'm not ready to say that "Casino Royale" is the best but it's right up there.

"Casino Royale" is the last of the original Ian Fleming Bond books that hadn't been made into a movie. It's a prequil to the rest of the Bond movies. Being the first it also has less gadgets than the other movies. I'm pretty sure they stayed closer to the original story and original character than the other movies have. This one brings out more of the inner turmoil that the novels cover but the movies skipped.

In short there's a banker for international terrorists that finds himself in a tight spot. Bond managed to foil a plan that would have made the banker a fortune in the stock market. Instead he loses a ton of money that isn't his. Being a mathematical wiz the banker organizes a big card game with $10 million to play and an option for another $5 million if you get cleaned out. He figures his winnings should recoup his stock market losses and keep him from getting slaughtered by the terrorists whose money he lost. James enters the game planning to take all the winning for Queen and Country.

It's pure action for at least the first half hour, pauses briefly, and then lots more action. Not explosions and stuff. Some real amazing stunts by really amazing athletes. It slows down for awhile near the end as James contemplates settling down but then it's back at it in full force.

Full marks. This will be the first Bond movie I get on DVD.

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