Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Show Review: Torchwood

"Torchwood" is a new Dr. Who spin-off airing sundays on BBC-HD. It's also an anagram of "Doctor Who".
If you saw season one of the new Dr. Who series then you already know Captain Jack Harkness. Capt Jack is a former time agent who had 2 years of his life taken from him for reasons yet unknown. He went rogue, met up with The Doctor and Rose in 1941 England during The Blitz, and travelled with them for half of season one. He was finally killed by Daleks and resurrected by Rose who had looked into the heart of the TARDIS and absorbed energy from the vortex. Not knowing Capt Jack was alive again The Doctor took Rose back into the TARDIS and left.
Somehow Captain Jack made it back to modern Earth from the distant future and hooked up with Torchwood. If you're watching the latest season of Doctor Who, now airing fridays on SciFi Channel, then you know that Queen Elizabeth founded Torchwood after The Doctor and Rose saved her from a werewolf. It's purpose is to gather alien technology for use against any threat from the stars.
There are 4 Torchwood branches. Captain Jack leads Torchwood 3. Torchwood 4 was misplaced. Torchwood 1... well, I'll leave that a secret for you folks good enough to wait for SciFi Channel to show it legally. Torchwood 3 is located under a big metal monument (Millenium Square) in Cardiff. You've seen it in Doctor Who in season 1. The way in and out is via an elevator that is positioned in a mental blindspot created when that slitheen woman tried taking off using the energy from a rift in space on that point.
Capt Jack has a hand in a jar that he holds in great value. I'm guessing that it would be the hand cut off of The Doctor while duelling with an alien menace in the first episode of the current season (season 2). Some other comments make it clear he's only there to wait for The Doctor.
Torchwood 3 is teamed by 4 people. Jack is one. Another is a new recruit. She's the same actress who played the woman who channeled the Gelf way back in the beginning of season 1. The Gelf tried to come through the same rift that the slitheen woman tried to tap later.
The two others aren't important characters yet.

Is there a connection between the new recruit and the woman who channeled the Gelf?
How did Jack get back from the satellite in the distant future?
Why did the time police take 2 years of Jack's memory?
Is Jack gay or bi or what?
Will this show ever get to the states?
There's another side effect from Rose resurrecting Jack. But I'm not telling you what.

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