Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Construction Day

I took the day off work to take delivery of my Plyboo. (

Being home on a Wednesday I finally got to see the street sweeper pass by this morning. It's pretty much worthless. It drooled water on the street but it didn't appear to even push the leaves out of it's path.

Gandolf and I sat out front and read until the guy showed up with the stuff. I'll post a picture soon but for now you can see some here.

Then we went back on the roof to do some more work on the chimney. I used up the last of the mortar getting 6 more bricks in place. It looks a lot better than my earlier efforts. I'm definately getting better at this.
I'll pick up another bag of mortar next time I hit HomeDepot. I may be renting a tablesaw from them, too. You know, making it easier to cut straight lines.

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