Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Links: April 26

The people at the Chicago Tribune are pretty good folks. [link]

Gandolf loves this bird.

One of the world's smallest cycling tracks. [link]

A TED video about growing organs and tissues. One done with a printer. [link]

Juggling as a team sport.

An FTP site of games Microsoft has made available for free. [link]

The best part of the Iron Man 3 promotional tour in France.

Cat in a shark costume on a Roomba and his animal friends.

Boston gets the heroes it needs, not the heroes it wants.

Pop culture stained glass. [link]

An RPG in Excel. [link]

Frequently used movie trailer music. [link]

Superman in 4 panels. [link]

"Gate to Hell" rediscovered. [link]

High speed bike. [link]

Sam Beckett (not the time traveler) regularly drove Andre the Giant to school. [link]

Land slide in a huge open pit copper mine. [link]

How to pack a suit. [link]

Don't let the Bushs, Cheneys, Rumsfelds, and other war mongers from driving the reaction to the Boston bombing. [link]

Water bridge pictures. [link]

Resize this page (with sound turned down if you're at work). [link]

A more refined version of the package-in-the-mail video from a previous week. [link]

How dogs think. [link]

A couple serving probation for the 2009 death of their toddler after using prayer instead of medicine has lost another child. [link]

14 year old fast food hamburger hasn't aged or decayed. [link]

Boston terrorists apparently motivated by the same thing that motivates anti-American terrorists overseas. [link]

I'm really not sure what's happening here, but it amuses me. [link]

Strange behaviors by the Boston terrorists. [link]

SpaceX tests their VTL tech.

Tennis volley practice.

Hard core jump rope.

John Belushi SNL audition tape.

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