Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bad Movie Night: Rubber

Back in college my friends and I would get together and have bad movie nights. We'd watch some of the strangest stuff you've heard of in a pre-Netflix era. I just finished watching a movie that made me look around and wonder for just a moment where everybody went.

"Rubber" is a movie about a car tire that comes to life and goes on a killing spree. Also, this movie is filmed before a live studio audience in real time. So there's a group of people watching all this out in the middle of the desert for days. There's a lot of "why did that happen?" moments. The answer is "no reason".

The movie is a comedy, but it's one of those comedies that's funnier when you're with a group of your friends. By yourself it's just a really strange and somewhat amusing movie. With the right group of friends, and possibly a bit of weed, this would be quite the movie.

It's available for Netflix streaming.


Der_Muffinmann said...

Sounds like fun. Here in St. Louis there are several fun movie showing events around.

The first Tuesday of the month is Super 8 Movie Madness at the Way Out Club. Done by Tom Stockman of We are Movie Geeks

There is the Late Nite Grindhouse series presented by Destroy the Brain at the Hi-Pointe Theater.

Stooges at Schlafly Bottleworks.

Maybe I can get someone to show this movie. Any other suggestions?

Ibid said...

I saw "Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter" at one of our local bad movie and brew house type places.

Also, long before Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson made "Dead Alive". We laughed so hard we were all famished when the movie was over. Mind, you it took the first 10-15 minutes of the movie to make our gag reflex go numb from overuse. But any movie where the main character straps a push mower to his chest and walks through a swarm of zombies has to be good.

amj523 said...

Ah, Dead Alive. I still gag a little thinking about the mom's ear.