Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Links: April 19

We're getting one or two of these multi-fruit trees. [link]

Chex recipes. [link]

A gallery of front yard libraries. [link]

The difference between LCD, LED, plasma, and OLED TVs. [link]

Russell Brand remembers Maggie Thatcher. [link]

The IRS doesn't think they need to talk to a judge before reading your e-mail. [link]

Patton Oswalt filibustering for Parks and Recreation. This is his uncut improv talk about the next Disney Star Wars/Marvel movie.

Nerd cakes. [link]

There’s this unspoken law in britain that you’re not to phone anyone while doctor who’s on... [link]

Animated version of the Doctor Hoo graphic. [link]

Gandolf and The Master have a new TV series.

Airplane systems hijacked by phone. [link]

Soviet Mars-3 lander may have been found by amateur astronomers. [link]

States can legalize things that the feds ban. [link]

Interactive music video. [link]

The Sun Hive - natural bee keeping. [link]

Hey Jude in a minor chord.

Scale of disbelief. [link]

A Star Wars episode VII spoof.

The report on detainee treatment. [link]
Short version: The US tortured people.

Quadrotors practicing for their own circus.

No, I don't need to answer your question.

Texas is the worst state. [link]

Anti-drug ads really do encourage drug use. [link]

Lots of webcams at once. [link]

What kind of camera do you need? [link]
As a medical publisher, I am very annoyed. 

40 clever things carved from wood. [link]

Cats rule the internet, but dogs rule print. [link]

A nice presentation of the first moon landing. [link]

Stanford students develop a surface that can actually cool the house in the sunlight. [link]

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