Thursday, December 01, 2011


This is an icebox. A proper one. No electronics. It actually needs a big block of ice to work.
It had been in the wheat truck building on the farm with rusty tools and bolts in it. When they started cleaning out that building with the idea of putting a new building there I and a few others spoke up and made sure that sucker was saved.

These two pictures are of The Muffin Man's kid, The Grouch, and the girl who rents the farmhouse in the loft of one of the barns. The loft is one of the places that my cousins and I would hang out and play when we were kids. It's been occupied by a polystyrene castle that my uncle had made for the Lawn, Garden, and Flower show some years back. In fact, it still is, but she has still cleared a space up there to play. She introduced The Grouch to the ancient art of throwing mud dauber nests against the concrete and watching them explode.

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